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This episode was written & produced by Kevin Edds.

Watergate is one of the most widely-referenced scandals in our nation’s history. The actual word itself has been appropriated in order to name many later scandals. But for a new generation of Americans, Watergate is just a name, or an event that they speak about but may not know many details. What was the real scandal behind Watergate? Who was involved and why? How did an open reel tape recorder secretly planted in the White House basement lead to the demise of the 37th President of the United States? Featuring Luke Nichter, author of The Nixon Tapes, and founder of


Long Weeks by Dexter Britain
Aurora by Blake Ewing
Render by Steven Gutheinz
Deep Night by Live Footage
Hollow by Alaskan Tapes
Song for Stone by Generdyn
Five Families by Ryan Taubert
Near by Steven Gutheinz
The Weight of It All (Instrumental) by Kaleigh Baker
Red4 by Tangerine
Can’t Stop (No Oohs Ahhs Instrumental) by Reagan James

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